A group of members of the Diversity Mentoring Program

Diversity Mentoring Program


The Diversity Mentoring Program is a signature program within Finance and Business. It dates back to 2004 and has served over 100 mentees. We are pleased to offer this program to employees from minoritized racial and ethnic backgrounds who have been working in Finance and Business for less than three years. The program provides employees with an opportunity to be mentored by more senior colleagues, as part of our efforts in retaining a talented workforce across all units within Finance and Business. This goal is also part of the University’s strategic planning efforts.

The mentoring relationship can contribute to a greater sense of belonging, empower participants to engage with the University and the community, and further participants’ involvement with other diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.


An initial meeting facilitated by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in Finance and Business will be provided for mentoring pairs and is required to start the mentoring relationship. Individuals interested in becoming a mentee or mentor may apply to the program at any time, and administrative units should provide release time for both mentors and mentees to participate in the program.

Mentors and mentees should meet for a minimum of two hours each month for one year. The schedule could consist of meetings for one-half hour every week or one hour every two weeks. Mentoring pairs can determine and arrange these times. Every three months, mentoring pairs are encouraged to discuss what is working for them and what isn’t so that adjustments can be made as needed. Mentees and mentors are also welcomed to provide feedback at any time to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Additionally, monthly meetings with the program committee are scheduled as check-ins and to provide additional professional development and networking opportunities for mentoring pairs. While these are not required, they are strongly encouraged as part of building the mentoring relationship.

Finally, the Diversity Mentoring Program provides many other opportunities to connect professionally and socially. These will be scheduled throughout the year. The program committee often solicits feedback from the group for ideas and timing so that as many program participants as possible can attend.


Once a mentoring pair nears the end of their year together, they should discuss next steps, which include finding a way to redefine their roles and how they will interact in the future. The mentee and mentor will also be asked by the program committee to complete a formal evaluation.


If you were hired within Finance and Business in the last three years and feel you would benefit from mentoring from a more experienced Finance and Business employee, are committed to continuously learning and developing in the organization, are prepared to discuss your goals, looking for advice and support for issues you face in the workplace, appreciate alternative viewpoints and constructive feedback, please consider applying to become a mentee.

If you are an experienced Finance and Business employee willing to provide guidance, support, and exposure to help a newer employee excel; are committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion; have demonstrated leadership qualities; are comfortable interacting with individuals from backgrounds and experiences different from yours; can provide insights about the organization; appreciate alternative viewpoints and constructive feedback; and can demonstrate knowledge of University functions and community organizations and activities, please consider applying to become a mentor.

Applicants will be notified in a timely manner whether they have been accepted based on program requirements and availability.

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