Office of Diversity and Inclusion's Day at "the warhol"

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s Penn State Day at The Andy Warhol Museum was a success! Finance and Business employees from a variety of units (OPP, Housing, HR, Purchasing, Accounting, etc.) met early Saturday morning, August 17th, to travel to Pittsburgh for the day. The event allowed staff members the opportunity to experience the life and times of Andy Warhol, a Pittsburgh native whose story, artistic legacy, and commitment to being and encouraging others to be their true and authentic selves, especially around LGBTQA issues, influenced contemporary art.

Attendees were able to tour the seven floors of the museum, which contained extensive art collections, ranging from Warhol’s early art pieces through the 80’s and even items that were never publicly displayed. A particular highlight of the tour was the presentation from the museum’s director of collections and registrations, Amber Morgan. She shared the museum’s diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion mission, vision, and efforts while also discussing how the museum engages in outreach to the community around myriad educational efforts, including supporting LGBTQA youth, has had a positive impact on the Pittsburgh community.

Several attendees took advantage of photo opportunities as well as the capability of creating art and through some of Warhol’s artistic processes and techniques. The day, while full, allowed the group members to get to know each other, engage in thoughtful conversations, and furthered Finance and Business’s goal of creating a culture where employees feel valued, appreciated, respected, and comfortable being their true and authentic selves.