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Interrogating Bias for Staff


The Interrogating Bias for Staff course will empower Penn State staff to interrogate bias in themselves, others, and society through mindfulness, individual research, and practice. The goal for this course is not to assume you are unaware that bias exists or that you are not already engaging in this work. Whether or not you have started to dismantle bias within yourself, others, and society, this course aims to provide you with a community of people who are also doing this work. While there are plenty of readings and resources within this course, the point is not to fill you with knowledge or ask you to fill others with your knowledge but to help all of us grow in knowledge together and apply it to the work we do at Penn State. That’s what we feel sets this course apart from past trainings you may have attended.

Sample Course Objectives

  • Throughout the course and at its conclusion, participants will learn to:
    • Learn, name, and connect the human processes, historical contexts, and contemporary structures that underlie and reinforce racial and additional forms of discrimination and inequity;
    • Imagine and practice ways to better connect and show compassion for oneself and others;
    • Make plans to confront multiple and intersecting forms of bias through mindfulness and thoughtful communication; and
    • Take responsibility and ownership of the ways in which you can inspire others to confront and dismantle bias in oneself, one another, and society.

Sample Course Activities:

  • Weekly readings
  • Weekly journaling
  • From learning to action activities

Course Expectations:

  • Participants must plan to attend each class for the entire duration of the class.
  • Participants must have capability to be visually (cameras on) present and engaged throughout each class.


Upcoming Course Offerings: FULL

October 10, 2022 through November 14, 2022

Please stay tuned for spring semester dates. 

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